Larry has been involved with GCW since inception and he and his wife Celia continue their support. Larry served in the USCG from ‘69-’73, including Vietnam service. He spent 30 years in the sign industry and co-owned a Custom Electric Sign Company in San Diego (Signtech),  retiring in 2006.   Larry has been to Fiji 8 times.  It is always a joy to see how thankful and gracious the people of Fiji are for the gift of clean water.  Larry presently does volunteer work for The Vietnam Veterans of America. He and Celia have two adult children, Ty and Torrie, and live in Bellingham, Wa.

“I am thankful to be committed to an organization that meets such a essential requirement by providing clean water for the wellbeing of so many in need. It’s such a joy to see the life and health brought to all these gracious people.”