Sumner obtained a Bachelor and Master in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. “I wanted to have a job where I could help others. So I worked in the blood fractionation industry from 1986 to 2002.” In 2002, Sumner began work at IDEC Pharmaceuticals and was part of team that constructed $400 million biotech manufacturing facility in Oceanside, which has been purchased by Genentech. Sumner continues to work for Genentech and as manager of Plant Engineering. “One of the more interesting parts of my job is the production of Water for Injection- water that meets the government requirement for purity so that it can be injected into the human body.” Sumner lives in San Diego with his wife of eighteen years, Deborah, and their five children.

“I have always liked water and methods for making it pure. So when I heard about the “Give Clean Water Project” I wanted to be a part of it. I’m excited to help others get clean water and use my past experiences and background.”